Monday, August 11, 2014

100 Day Challenge

Imagine agreeing to do something every single day for the next 100 days...seems daunting, maybe impossible, a lot of work? That's pretty much how it was for me a couple weeks ago when I was looking at taking on this challenge. The challenge is 100 days of moving my body, getting sweaty for a minimum of 30 minutes every day. The immediate thought for me was "I can't do that, you're injured", then I realized that was me just doing the thing I do - I like to do it full force, 110% effort, if im not pushing myself its not worth it - thats just how I do life, but it really does constrain me. There is no freedom, compassion or fun inside of it always having to be full throttle. So I said yes to the challenge knowing everything I knew about my body (no running, little to no impact, take it easy). The challenge for me really is learning my body in a new way. So for the last 10 days I have power-walked on my lunch breaks, i've been swimming, i've been back to bootcamp twice and had a lot of compassion about what I can and cannot do. What happened? Well, I actually started enjoying myself again and i've had alot of fun these last 10 days. I have compassion where I am and where i'm not.

The other thing I took on inside of this challenge is breaking it down into 10 day increments. Small, measurable for the first 10 days all I focused on is getting my 30 minutes of movement in, that's it. Now for the next 10 days it will be the movement + focus on re-vamping my food back to where it was before. Every 10 days I will add to what I am already doing. Breaking it down really had it not be overwhelming for me, just one day at a time for ten days - I can do that!

Now, I had lots of reasons to not do this challenge apart from the obvious injury, i'm going on holidays for 2 weeks, im going to San Francisco for my leadership program, all of this should be lots of reasons to not do this - I wont have the time! But really, life will keep coming at me, it doesn't matter when I start, all I have is right now every day. So what are you putting off? What are you waiting for your circumstances to change to start? I invite you to jump in and do it now because all you really have is now.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Letter to my Community

Dear Community

Let me start off with saying I have been hiding out, in case you didn't know that. I really have just been hiding under a mountain of a lot of work to do, a conference to run, a program to coach, people to make a difference for and in the middle of all that is me not making a difference for me. I miss my community, and I distanced myself so far away because to be honest I've been completely terrified the last few months. What i've been dealing with is my body not operating at the level i'm used to it operating at, I can't run, I can't do high impact exercise and it feels like pretty much everything I do hurts. What happened is instead of me calling on my community I hid all of this from all of you, though i'm sure you can figure it out. I hid in all the work I needed to do and the projects I was working on and the things I was doing for other people. In reality i was just not making the difference for me anymore, I went to where it was comfortable for me which is to care about everyone else but leave myself out of the equation.

How life has been like the last 4 months has been incredibly lonely and scary. I feel trapped in a body that doesn't do the things i'm used to it doing. I'm in pain consistently and scared to try things in fitness because it seems like I just continue to injure myself. I'm frustrated and I hate it and all I want is to be out there in the beautiful sun and enjoying the body and fitness level I know I worked so hard for. Really, it's just not fair! Have you ever wanted to run and hide and hope people don't notice? Or maybe some flavor of that? Well that is exactly where I've been the last few months.

This letter to all of you is to declare that I am back in the game, no more hiding, no more trying to appear like I got it all together. I am back to sharing myself, back to having what I am up to in life make the difference just in who I am not in something I do for someone else. Now, I know this isn't going to look like what I want right now, it wont look like me doing high intensity exercise or running, but it can still look like me being a part of the community.

For those of you who don't know what I've been dealing with the last few months has been pain in my right hip and knee stopping me from doing a lot of exercise. This pain developed into compression in my spine which had be me in the hospital last weekend. This week i've been home bound apart from a few outings and really just starting to take on learning my body newly. I've been to chiropractic, massage, feldenkrais and structural medicine all in this last week. No longer will the circumstance called pain dictate who I am, who I am is a part of this community and i'm back as of right now.

Today I walked into Michele's office at BDHQ and bared it all. My immediate thought was that she is going to kick me out of this gym and won't want me to be part of this program anymore, this is the conversation i've been avoiding. Instead what Michele said to me is "Bri, you aren't going backwards, it's not even possible, you are always moving forward". I got to share what it has been like for me the last few months, and the missing of not being there, and created coming back to the program to have the program (Biggest Winners) make a difference for me and in turn that will make a difference for the people around me. Right now that looks like letting this compression in my spine settle down and participating in the check ins and then in a couple weeks coming back into working out as modified to what I can do. I also have a new eating pattern to take on. Thank you Michele for our conversation today, you made a huge difference for me and I love you.

To my community, my promise is you will hear more from me, I am back to writing my blog and back to putting myself on the line and living the life of health and wellness to make a difference.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

What is Your Say?

WOW, I'm almost speechless right now, which is interesting considering how much talking i've done this week.

Some of you may not know but this last week I was asked to come and speak for wellness week at the Ministry of Finance, not once but twice. I used to work for the Ministry of Finance prior to moving to Federal Government in 2010 so I knew that I would be speaking in front of some people that I knew already. It's interesting because talking in front of strangers is somehow easier than talking in front of people I know. I would say that there is less of a threat to my identity in talking to a stranger than there is when talking to people I know. I also know that it just wouldn't be a demonstration of who I am now to say no to this opportunity though, so I jumped in.

Last time I spoke in front of any kind of large group about my health was for Sole Sisters. I remember the hours leading up to it having body sensations of shaking, tears, anxiety, and at the same time being able to so powerfully put that all to the side and do what I was there to do - make a difference. What was different this time was a few things, first I was talking for an entire hour, not just 20 minutes, second I didn't write anything!! Usually, my sense of wanting to be prepared takes over and I write everything out, this time all I had was an outline of a few topics and a point of view that I created for myself that said "who I am is unwavering and a difference maker". I went into these two talks with one piece of paper, my heart and my promise that everyone in that room would be left with a new access to taking on their health. What was interesting is I spoke two days in a row with the same outline and what I shared was totally different from one day to the next. The feedback I have got from people has been unbelievable, one person even said he thought I could be a professional speaker. My experience of myself this week has been that I am powerful and connected to why I am on this journey. I was again re-connected to the why of this journey, to have my experience help someone else.

If you have been following my blog for some time you will know something about me, I take on things that scare me. Something that you might not know about me is that even though I take on things that scare me I still am confronted by those conversations in my head every day, I still was shaking minutes before I got up and spoke, I still had thoughts like I was going to fail or disappoint and I still wanted to run away. The only difference is that I allow those conversations to not own my life now, I get to say how my life goes - not my past or those past based conversations. So how do I say life will go for me? I say that I am enlivened, lit up and that me and the people around me win every day - now THAT is what my life is about, if what i'm doing doesn't fulfill on that then i'm a no. I've stopped saying yes to things that don't line up with what I say my life is about anymore.

My invitation to you is to look at what you say you want your life to be about and then ask yourself, is what you are doing in life fulfilling on what really matters to you? If you aren't a yes then what are you going to do to take the say back? If what is important to you is losing weight or transforming your health it isn't just about that, look at your whole life because this journey is not just weight, this journey is your life and it is never ending so go have fun and create life!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Own the Podium

HAPPY SUNDAY! Gold medal morning and the completion of a week of confront, breakthroughs and being back on track. Last Sunday was my first blog post in over 2 months, that a long time, and to be honest I thought that no one was going to read it or maybe forgot about me, i'd been hiding out you know. But apparently I can't hide in my life, nearly 200 people read that post - reminds me that I can make the difference I am out to make by starting with me. Put your mask on before anyone else!

This morning's check in was a follow up on last week's check in or maybe reality check in. For me I took on this week looking at my number from 1 to 10 on how "in the game" I am, last week I said 5 and there's nothing wrong with it. In fact, it is incredibly powerful to get related to what is so or the reality of the now, that is why we weigh in each week, that is why we write in our books, not to feel bad, but to get related to what is so right now and what is missing that we can put in to have the results we want. So what I took on this week was creating a whole new view on my fitness such that I move that number from a 5 all the way back up to 10. The view I created this week was being an athlete of integrity, wowsa - now that's a view to take on. The funny thing is, the moment you create that view of life, everything that shows up is all the places that doesn't exist. So who I am is an athlete of integrity and there I am in bed at 5:30AM fighting in my head about waking up to go run in the cold. Now, the view of "i have to workout" probably would have had me stay in bed, but the view of "im an athlete of integrity" had me up for 5 workouts this week. In reality, my experience of my health and fitness this week completely altered, there was a pretty big impact on my life in not being excited or engaged in my fitness anymore. What's important to me is that I make a difference for other people in their health and I was robbing myself of the opportunity to do that because I wasn't doing it for myself. Even though I still had people tell me how they were inspired by my story, on the inside I felt like a total fraud - this week in taking this new view on I completely altered that for myself and started making a difference with people all over the place. In some cases even constant texting to remind them to go drink water, and its not like I couldn't do that before, but I didn't relate to myself like it would make a difference because the difference wasn't being made with me.

The invitation and the opportunity for everyone is to create something as a view that totally inspires you, and you don't need to know how to do it, but what is amazing is every time something shows up that is outside of that view you have this new access to being incredibly powerful in the face of it. It's simply enlivening to know that I fulfilled on getting up for 5 workouts this week, despite the conversation of wanting to stay in the warm bed, so what will you create? what will you do this week to bring your game up to a 10? YOU and only YOU can make this difference in your life, you can join programs and talk about things and wish and hope, but at the end of the day the only thing that will ever make a difference is taking an action in the face of "i'd rather be doing X" with a view that simply wakes you up or reality checks you, life for me "being an athlete of integrity".

So that's the invitation to you - OWN THE PODIUM in your game of life!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Life Update

Wow a Sunday evening all to myself, this has been lovely! I caught up on conference paperwork, emails, and now even an opportunity to write a blog post. I've been away from writing since mid-December, alot of it has to do with not knowing what to say, some of it time, but really all excuses. Life has been great and I haven't really focused on my own health or fitness, my weight has been sedentary and I gained some weight over the holidays. Over the last month i've continued to tell myself that im back in the game and then something happens, and i'm really not - I take myself out so easily. It's not like it hasn't been important to me, but I've allowed other things to be more important - sound familiar to anyone?

This morning I dragged myself to Biggest Winners and about 95% of me wanted to stay in bed, about 4% of me wanted to quit the program and a small 1% of me said GET UP AND JUST SHOW UP! Well i'm lucky the 1% won this morning. After a workout that only an evil trainer could think up Michele had a really straight conversation with all of us. To sum it up, WHY ARE YOU HERE? if you arent going to put the work in, why are you here? She started by asking us to rate our potential, the level we are currently participating at, in this current session, I wrote down 5 - for what I am up to in this program I can see that is insufficient to reach my promises to myself. For me a 5 is like "I show up and go through the motions, but not really into it". I do show up, I go to my workouts, but I acknowledge my food has not been 100% every single day for a long time, it's been "satisfactory" but not where it needs to be to forward my progress. So what is there for me to do, I thought of a few things:

1) show up to every workout, even the ones I didn't tell anyone I was going to
2) no eating after 8PM,
3) 2 litres of water consumed before finishing work each day and a subsiquent litre before 8PM
4) no more lattes or special coffees
5) limit eating out to 2x per week (once on Sunday morning and one other time)
6) take time for ME every week, unscheduled, relax, unwind, no phone
7) no more sneaking a treat at work
8) bring fun, excitement and aliveness to my workouts - not a sense of "when will this be over"

So that gives me a few places to start to bring my number from a current 5 up to a 10 by the end of this current session, no more messing around - time to get this done!

It was interesting though, we also talked about how to celebrate our successes without food. It is so culturally ingrained in us to celebrate by going out for a drink, or for dinner, but what if we celebrated without food and even without money - what would that look like? When I think about celebrating my milestones what comes to mind is a few things:

1) Allowing myself quite time at home where I have no expectation of anything, I can read or write or do whatever
2) Creating a fun social night with no food involved, could be crafting or board games or maybe even a clothing exchange
3) Share with just one person you don't even know what your accomplishment was - their reaction can be one of the best gifts ever - take it in!
4) Love yourself up, bath/hot shower, do your nails at home, give yourself a facial - maybe even invite some girlfriends over
5) Take the day off work for no reason but to just do whatever you want!

And for those of you with some cash to spare

6) Go get your nails done or facial (Yes, even boys)
7) Treat yourself to a movie out
8) Put $ away for each milestone you reach so that when you reach your goal weight you can treat yourself to a big trip or reward
9) Buy a new outfit
10) Buy a new book and read it

I'm sure I could think of several more things, but I actually realized that I stopped celebrating anything to do with weight loss/maintenance, it's been all wrapped up in shame of re-gaining some weight. And stopping to think about it now I know that I still had a huge accomplishment, nothing takes that away, AND what there is to do is put the work in - have fun at the same time - and continue on the journey which never ends.