Saturday, March 30, 2013

I Will NEVER be the Same Human

Have you ever had that experience where you do something that terrifies you and you come out on the other side a completely different person? Maybe it is conquering your fear of heights or having a conversation you should have had years ago. The experience of actually knowing you will never be the same human being ever again is something you can't even explain. That experience was what this last Tuesday was for me.

In my last post I talked about being invited to share my story at Sole Sisters and taking on that challenge. On Tuesday I fulfilled on that talk beyond my own expectations. It was an experience I am incredibly proud of, something that I know that I would never have done before, something that proves just how far I have really come. Leading up to Tuesday my stomach was in knots, my head was spinning and I had written absolutely nothing. Me - the planner - NOTHING written! I was planning on just getting up there and sharing, and then the thought of having no idea what I was going to say became too overwhelming that I decided I was going to write in anyway. I wrote the whole thing the day before my speech AND in comparing the written to the spoken they are completely different. On Tuesday I stood up in front of nearly 200 people that I had never met in my life (with the exception of a couple people) and shared my personal experience, I really shared my heart and laid it all out there. I was connected with 200 people, and receiving the acknowledgment was simply incredible. Being told that I brought goosebumps to peoples arms is mind blowing to me. Me changing live? i'm not that "big" of a person, so I thought, but I really am...I REALLY can make a difference in this world and that is what I got on Tuesday. Big thank you to Bethany for coming as my support - you don't even know the difference you made in my life that night so thank you. For those that missed the video, it is of coarse recorded.

So what is next is the big question? Whatever the world holds!! Right now I am working on a project to create the next Journey to Balance event which is scheduled for May 26th (afternoon) at Esquimalt Rec - save the date! Big things to come for this girl.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Yes Woman


That word has propelled me through this journey, it has put me on some amazing paths where I had to trust and learn to be with me. Now I say yes ALOT, actually I make it a point to say yes whenever possible because I know what can open up for me when I take risks. So in this space a couple weeks ago I went for my chiropractor appointment. My chiro has been trying to get me to come share my experience at a run club she is part of called Sole Sisters. In my epic wisdom this time I said "sure i'm willing to take this on"...I'm thinking I talk to 30 Biggest Winners at a time what's the difference? A couple days later I receive a call from the leader of the Sole Sisters to confirm the details of the speech. 20 minutes later, all the details worked out, I ask a question to confirm how many people she was expecting. The answer TWO HUNDRED!!! I think I must have sounded slightly scared in my response given she said "ummm is that ok?". As I was gathering my response I reminded myself of my stand, that everyone I touch is empowered to take on their life. Inside of that, my response was "YES, no problem, I can take that on"

Instantly after hanging up the phone though my gut started churning, I was thinking what have I agreed to do? Me, 200 people?? i'm not that "big" i'm not important enough to do that. That conversation hasn't gone away, and in spite of it, I am putting the conversation and the thoughts to the side and doing it anyway. In spite of a conversation going on in my head I am seeing past that to what is bigger than me, the people I can impact.

So what did I learn? Well, perhaps sometimes I should ask more questions before I agree to things....AND say yes anyway, in spite of what you think is logical, in the face of being afraid do it anyway. I've done a LOT of scary things these last twelve months, what is 200 people in the grand scheme of things?? My intention, speak from my heart, share my experiences and stand for every person who is listening to see themselves in something I say.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Standing For Transformation

Seriously I think I just blinked an an entire month went by!! Since I last posted I am proud to say that I delivered two successful workshops. My first workshop with Freedom Within Coaching was mid-February. Sarah and I co-led a workshop on what stops people from having what they want. Our new business, Freedom Within Coaching, is designed to coach people who struggle with significant weight to lose. I am a stand in this world and in my life that everyone I touch is personally empowered in some way to make positive and healthy changes in their lives. We had five people at our workshop and the feedback we received was simply amazing. I had to really put aside my stories of "not good enough" and allow myself to be present to the power that words can have, the power that I can have. What I got really present to in that workshop was how much I still doubted my ability to do it, and what I got even more was that was all a story in my own head. This was the first workshop I was involved in where people were paying me money to be there, that's kind of scary - ok let's be real it's really scary. What I realized though was I had delivered several workshops for BDHQ and didn't have this value piece attached, because I did it for free, but then I got that the people who were attending those workshops still expected a value for their time - regardless if they were paying me or not. Basically what i'm saying is that I had to give up an expectation that I was to be perfect and just be me. The result was amazing feedback and personal empowerment for me leading into the next BDHQ workshop.

The second workshop I just led was for Biggest Winners at BDHQ called "What Makes You Beautiful". I went into the workshop with a different mind set than before, I knew that I was the only one putting expectations of perfection on myself and I let that go. I was authentically and honestly me, shared what was important and empowered the participants to do the same. Thank you to the people who were there, you all made a difference in my life as you do every day. I still have the worksheet on the wall and read it every day.

So what's next? What does March hold? We'll im off to Seattle on Friday for my first weekend for the The Introduction Leaders Program with Landmark Education (update to come); a planning meeting for the upcoming Journey to Balance event happening May 26th (mark your calendars) in which I just agreed to moderate the panel *gulp; another amazing Body Love workshop put on by my friend Tara of Big Life Coaching, happening March 16th (spots still available). I'm sure there's more, that's all I can think of right now, I may need to add in some ME time in there somewhere.

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe."
- Anatole France