Saturday, February 9, 2013

Loving Yourself

In Biggest Winners, February has been named the month of Self-Love. For me I have been on a journey of self-love for the last year, creating what my life is for and reminding myself daily that I am worth the effort. That's really what self-love is about to me, putting yourself first, taking care of what matters so that you can be there for others. So often in this society we get caught up on what other people need or what other people think and that impacts how we live our lives. What if right now you chose to let that go? What if from this moment on you chose to follow your own heart and let go of what other people think of you or what your choices are? What would be possible for you? To be honest I didn't really see this before, I didn't see how letting that go could do anything for me. But in practicing this, practicing not letting other's opinions negatively impact me, I have come to a place where I can honestly say I let it go. Sure I still see the opinions and hear them, people are going to talk about you - it's inevitable, especially when you are going against the norm. But who does that really impact? Who does that reflect on? Not you, not if you are really living your life the way that matters to you and taking care of yourself.

So I challenge you, just for one day, notice when those thoughts come into your head that are stopping you from doing what you want. Is that thought stopping you because you are worried about external opinions? If so, the challenge is to do it anyway! Maybe this means sharing your opinion on something that could be outside of what the conversation is, or maybe just speaking up for yourself and what you need. Some people may confuse this with being selfish, but it's not, this is about ensuring you are being the best version of you that you can be. So if what you need today is to take a bath or read a book but your kids are screeming at you and your spouse needsyour attention what do you do? I'm not saying walk away and take a bath, talk to your kids talk to your spouse work out what's going on and say "What I need is to make time today for a bath, I'm going to do this at X time today". All you're doing is scheduling in your YOU time, nothing wrong with that. Your spouse and your kids need you in that moment, that's fine, and in that moment you also need to say what you are commiting to later in the day. Everyone gets what they want. Really whatever this looks like in your life this is the challenge, take on making yourself a priority. Whose in? What are you going to do today to love yourself?

"Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't." Margaret Thatcher

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Giving It Up

Over the last couple weeks I've been working on giving up. Yes you read that right, giving up, that is giving up on my story in my head. The story goes like this "You can't do this, who do you think you are, you aren't important enough". That story has stopped me dead in my tracks so many times I can't even list them all. That story stopped me from losing weight for many years because I honestly believed I couldn't do it. Well I crushed that story, it no longer exists for me in the world of weight loss; however, it does still exist for me in other areas of my life. Specifically in the area of leadership. This story has come up daily for me over the last few weeks, specifically because I am living a life where I have created areas for me to be a leader.

My first paid workshop with Freedom Within Coaching is coming up on February 17th and we already have several people signed up. I am committed that each person takes something away from this workshop. In that commitment my story of "I can't do this" keeps coming up and I keep repeating "I can do this, I am empowering". One thought, one action, one feeling at a time I am crushing this story. If I allow that story to take over, then I won't fulfill on my commitment that everyone takes something away.

I recognize it's all about me putting aside my story to live a life where I can fulfill on what I want to bring to this world. Setting fear aside and doing it in spite of fear, feeling the fear and doing it anyway. I also recognize that this story may not ever go away, and that's ok, but it's all about recognizing it and not allowing it to run my life. I am NOT my story.

What's the story that's been running your life? What are you committed to giving up? What will this make possible for you?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Where did January go?

Wow, for the first time in awhile i'm alone with time to think and write. This is weird, for the last month I have been incredibly immersed in living through my possibility of being an empowering leader. So much has shown up for me when I let it. I think the easiest way for me to share these accomplishments with all of you is to just tell you, bare with me the list is long :)

-spoke my mind in more than one instance where I would not have in the past
-led two amazing workshops for Biggest Winners
-started a coaching business with my good friend Sarah, Freedom Within Coaching
-attended Body Love in Vancouver
-started preparing for my first "paid" workshop on February 17th
-applied for the introductory leader program with Landmark Education and was accepted
-offered a change in workload and took it on
-started focusing on my running again
-was voted one of the top 9 success stories for Tosca Reno's The Eat Clean Diet
-said no when I meant no, instead of yes when I meant no
-completed a 1KM swim in 23 minutes, my best time yet

These are all things i'm incredibly proud of. 2012 for me was about finding out who I was, cleaning up those areas of my life that weren't working and deciding who I wanted to be for this world. 2013 is about living into that purpose and I think I've started off with a bang. I'm excited to see what February will bring for me, not sure what can top all of this.