Sunday, April 29, 2012

Celebrating Accomplishments

What an amazing day for the TC10K today, cool and brisk = perfect running weather. For me, an amazing day because I was actually going to RUN!! For those that have been following me, you know I have battled an injury since my half marathon in October, I have battled frustration and tears and pain so to even be participating today was huge for me. I finally found an amazing health professional who literally seemed to fix me overnight, and now I actually feel like i'm on the road to recovery (thank you Cedar Hill Sports Therapy Clinic and the amazing Day Deans-Buchanan)... I see a LOT more running in my future!

With some fabulous cheer leaders by our sides we started out strong. A lot of TC10K virgins ready to accomplish an amazing feet. Only a couple months ago Molly began running after being out with an injury, now she was taking on one of the biggest challenges of her weight loss journey. So very proud of you girl. We went into the race with a plan, running 4 and 1s, and it worked well. Flora and I went ahead, ran at her pace, and made it across the finish line in 1:23, next year SUB60! Big shout outs to Flora, Molly and Maelene for making it across the finish line - you girls rock. A huge high five to Raeleen for running the 10K in 56 mins and Aidan for making it across the finish line. I'm so proud of everyone for the accomplishment, now its time to celebrate! All fed up with yummy breaky at Oak Bay Bistro then a nice long shower/bath, stretch and rest.

Running the TC10K, weather you are doing it for the first time or the tenth time, is a motivating experience. Take a moment to celebrate what you accomplished today, many set personal bests, others crossed the finish line without "dying", others found new strength that they didn't know existed. For all the participates, take a moment today to recognize what you accomplished. It's something that many of us lack, taking that breath, that moment to step back and truly recognize how amazing each and every one of us is.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Net Zero

And today marks a new day, a new 21 day challenge. It's amazing how fast time flies, you hear it all the time right... if you had started when you first thought of it you would have been closer than you are now right? How true! Just think, what could you have accomplished in the last 21 days if you had really focused? 21 days is a long time, but its also a short period of time. I'm proud of everyone who was focused on their commitments. Jacqueline gave up coke zero, her crutch. Nicki gave up restaurant food. I gave up lattes. Kristen avoided her kids left overs.

I'll be honest, I was not as focused as I was in the first 21 days, I stuck to my no lattes, but I faltered on being 100% on track with food. No excuses though, it is what it is and I have to own the consequences. Wow it feels like dejavu writing this because i'm sure i've said it before...and I have, many times, but honestly it is all part of the journey - and I know that. Focus, motivation, determination it all comes in flows and depends on the day. The stars must align it seems for success to happen, sure that is true. BUT - and a big BUT - you can MAKE those stars align. I hear far too many times from people that they lack motivation or focus, or any other excuse, it's just too hard. Let's be realistic here, YOU have to make the decision to be focused, to be motivated and determined to be successful. You have to guide those stars into alignment, no one else. There will never be the perfect time to start a health journey, it just doesn't exist. But every day is the perfect day to do something to change your life. Small changes lead to big results, you just have to keep moving on.

With that said, who is going to join me for another fabulous 21 day challenge? A fresh start! My next challenge is called "net-zero". The challenge is to remove something from your life and to add something. I have commited to adding in being more creative with food, which will mean trying a new recipe each week (I will share these). I will be removing eating out. I am seriously a pro restaurant food orderer, I can make healthy choices at the majority of restaurants, but the issue is the $. Really, it's about better time management for me and boredom with food. So the two kind of tie together. I have decided though that I will still go out for breakfast on Sunday mornings after bootcamp as that is my weekly allowance, and any other pre-planned nights out that I had already committed to, but no additional meals or coffees out.

Kristen shared something with the fellow challengers that really touched me. Her mom passed away last year making this time of year very difficult for her. To honor her Mom she will be donating blood for the first time, I hope that many of us can join in and support her on this, giving blood is so important and you don't realize it until you need it. Kristen will also be adding in something every day to take care of herself: drawing, gardening, facials, massage, etc. etc. The possibilities are endless. Thank you Kristen for being so open, and i'm so proud of you for honoring your Mom in such a special way. I look forward to hearing about all the special things you are going to do to take care of yourself.

On a side note, I did my own thinking the other day when I was interviewed by a fellow health blog on my journey. I know you all know my story, but they asked me some interesting questions that I hadn't really thought about in some time. You can check out the interview here. Answering these questions for the blog really gave me a re-focus, the kick in the butt I needed to get back on track after not being fully committed this last week.

Cheers this week to more water, more workouts, new foods and new focus.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Have Integrity

I've been watching the Biggest Loser, like I do every season, but have found the drama slightly overwhelming this time around. Yesterday's episode showed the contestants makeovers and their chance to go to the White House and meet the first lady. I have to say though that I was delighted to see the produces show a new side of weight loss. The ugly side, the failure, the shame and everything that goes along with it. I know we've seen in the past, contestants binging to increase their weight before weigh ins either to get voted off or because they have immunity, but I don't recall them highlighting someone giving into emotions and binging. There has been some social media debate on if the binge was staged or not, to me even if it was I don't care, the point is that what was show is REALITY, it is not realistic to think that you start a new lifestyle and you never stray. Trust me, I have strayed many times.

I was saddened to see Chris give in to the emotions and eat, but I was happy that they showed this on the show to demonstrate just how real this is. How real it is that for someone who has issues with food, there is a huge struggle to disconnect food from emotions. We live in a society where food is so tied to emotions, yet we expect ourselves to separate it when it comes to those of us who have issues with emotional eating. Our culture eats to celebrate, we eat to socialize, and unfortunately far too many people also eat to mask pain, fear, resentment and a whole list of negative emotions. It is important to recognize that for many, this will be an ongoing struggle. What it is really about is learning how to have a happy relationship with food and how to learn coping skills that do not involve eating a tub of Ben and Jerry’s or a dozen donuts.

Bob Harper said "learn from the mistake then it is a mistake worth making". That statement resonated so much with me, it is so true. Often I find myself, as well as hear others, beat themselves up for straying from their eating plans. Whether you admit it or not, anyone who has struggled with weight has done this. Maybe just internally, but we all do it. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes and move on. Show yourself respect and compassion and recognize that it is ok as long as you pick yourself back up and start again.

The bottom line is, it comes down to having integrity, have integrity for the choice you made. Yes a CHOICE, a CHOICE to eat the chocolate, or the Oreo or the Pizza. Whatever it was, you CHOSE it you OWN it. That's what having integrity means, owing your choices, owning the responsibility and the consequences. Yah I know it sucks, it's not fair, insert stomping feet and crossed arms now, but it's reality. And if you tell me you will never make these choices, you are lying to yourself and to me.

Living a balanced life of good foods and exercise does not mean you will never eat an Oreo again in your life. It means you will make good choices 90% of the time and you will have integrity with the foods you put in your body. If you bite it write it, if you nibble it scribble it, because if you don't you are just cheating yourself and regardless of if you write it down or not your body still knows what you ate. Treat your body with respect and it will return the favour by making the changes you want.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week One BW Spring Session

Week one of our new session of Biggest Winners is done. Some people saw some awesome numbers as they started full force, others not so much. I maintained, that's ok for me, I was focused with my food this week apart from a couple days where I didn't eat enough. I'm still recovering from a cold, with limited energy this last week, not that it's any excuse, it was just my reality.

A big focus this week for most people is getting on track with food. for those new to the program it's really about learning the new way of eating, eating clean. It can be very overwhelming to start a new exercise regime and also change your eating habits. I did a post a few months ago about where to start so I won't regurgitate the same information, but for those looking for a step by step please take a look at my post titled Where do you start?. The biggest tip I can give anyone is to start simple and work up from there. Learn the principles, read the Eat Clean Diet book, commit to the process and then be creative. Before long it will just feel like your life, and not so hard.

My personal excitement for the week was finding out I was featured on the Eat Clean Diet website as one of their success stories. The best part of it was reading some of the comments from people I don't even know. Being able to inspire someone else to make good choices is so important to me. It's important because I know exactly what it is like to feel like you have no hope and will never have that healthy body.

My second excitement was going for a very short run on Friday, well a run/walk, but none the less doing it without excruciating pain. Nicki and I did about 3K of run/walk at the lakes on Friday. I'm just focusing on being really patient with myself, listening to my body, and not getting frustrated. I have stopped the physio for the mean time as it was getting very pricey, but am continuing with all the stretches and rolling with a foam roller. The injury has defiantly improved, but not back to where I was, it will take time.

Hope everyone has a focused and successful Easter long weekend. Right now I have no family in town, apart from hubby who is leaving Tuesday for work. So no Easter dinners to worry about. In order to avoid all the Easter candy in the store I have allowed myself one Lindt chocolate bar. Well it's a 90% caco dark chocolate bar, and I get the whole bar for the weekend, so I have to ration it. But that's my treat, the chocolate is defiantly not sweet, but it kills that craving for me.

I still have tomorrow off work, will be going to outdoor bootcamp at BDHQ at 9AM and then it will be a day of getting organized for the rest of the week. My intention for this week is to make it to a workout every day, with Friday being my rest day, and of coarse staying on track with food and water. What is your intention? How will you make this week great? How will you feel about yourself come next week if you don't fulfill your intention?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

21 Day Challenge Conclusion

You know that saying "a year from now you will wish you had started today". That was one of the quotes that got me started on my weight loss journey, knowing that I had a mountain of weight to lose, but also knowing that if I never started I would never get there. The same goes for this 21 day challenge, for those who have no idea what i'm talking about please take a look at my blog post of March 10th for details. And look, I started, I brought some people along for the ride and now it's 21 days later. If I hadn't have forced myself to start I would have been in the exact same position as I was three weeks ago.

My commitments were for 21 days = 21 workouts, a minimum of 5 meals per day of which 4 have vegetables in them, 4 litres of water per day, no meals after 8PM and take my vitamins every day. I am happy to say I got back on track fully with my food and water, my exercise was awesome though I didn't meet the 21 workouts because I got hit with a vicious cold this last week that had me basically in bed for four days. I got over my slump though and am within arms reach of seeing the 160's.

Since it was such a success and everyone who participated seemed to get alot out of it i'm doing it again. so if you didn't jump on the train three weeks ago, it's open for anyone now. The new challenge is, give up something for 21 days. I will be giving up ALL lattes, not coffee in general - that's just crazy, but lattes. I will also be continuing with all the same intentions I set for myself in the first 21 days, this time pending no further sickness, I will meet my 21 workouts. My new 21 days starts tomorrow, and goes until April 22nd - any takers?

Need some more convincing?

Jacqueline said "This has been a great way for me to stay focused on healthy choices this month - March was tough! I think I lost about 3.5 pounds and finally got past a plateau! Still working on the protein and sleep - they are my biggest challenges!"

Kristen said "My overall experience with the 21 days was great. I think the thing I was most successful with was my portion control and hours of sleep. One of my biggest challenge still is not eating after 8:00. On nights that we workout till 7:00 sometimes it's hard to make that deadline"

And what are the challengers going to give up for 21 days? For me, lattes

Kristen is giving up nibbling on her kids food "if they don't finish their meal, I don't need to finish it either!"
Mary is going to give up some of her beer by adding in 3 glasses of water for every beer she drinks when she is out with friends and wear her special earrings given to her by her boyfriend to remind her of her progress.
Nicki is giving up peanut butter and restaurant food
Jacqueline is giving up coke zero

If these dedicated people don't motivate you, then ask yourself how you will feel in 21 days if you don't make some form of commitment? Will you be closer or further away from your goal? Set yourself up for success and anything is possible, im living proof of that.