Friday, December 31, 2010

My Year in Review

I cannot believe that in less than 12 hours it will be 2011. Time flies when you're having fun and eating, breathing and living a healthy life. Tomorrow will mark the day 3 years ago when I made that decision to just start. Even though 200 pounds seemed overwhelming and unachievable I knew that I had to start somewhere and slowly but surely I would get there. In 2008 I lost almost 100 lbs by working out at home, walking to work, and counting calories. In 2009 it all stopped, I was at a stand still for nearly a whole year and lost only about 10 or 15 lbs, not for lack of trying. I counted calories, I did cleanses, I worked out every day, but I was just STUCK and so unbelievably frustrated. In 2010 I decided it was time to amp up the workout out and started going to bootcamp. I remember my first day at bootcamp in February 2010, I signed up to go at 5:45 AM for four days a week, I think I was insane when I made that decision but it was the best decision I ever made. The first week I though I was going to die waking up at 5AM but I got used to it and actually started to enjoy it. But I went for 3 months and still didn't lose weight, I was still eating inside what I thought my calorie range was but it wasn't enough food. I was having this internal battle knowing that I had to eat more, but just not sure what I was supposed to eat more of. After some poor customer service at the bootcamp I was attending I decided to switch to another bootcamp located at Body Dynamic Headquarters. That decision changed everything for me. Not only is everyone supportive you are truly part of a family there, they care about you, they want you to succeed and they aren't out to just get your business they want to change your life.

This is me at a Christmas party December 2009

I was 100 lbs down at this point and feeling good but frustrated.

Here I am in June 2010, I still hadn't lost much more weight but had toned a bit

Here I am October 2010 after only 4 months with BDHQ

And again at Christmas 2010

Since starting with BDHQ in July I have lost 36 lbs and 34.5 inches. I decided to go back to see how much I've lost in total inches. Unfortunately I didn't do the same measurements as BDHQ does so I don't have the total but in January 2008 my waist was 66 inches and my hips were 56 inches. As of December 2010 my waist is 36 inches and my hips are 46 inches. That alone is 30 inches off my waist and 10 inches off my hips!! Look what can be accomplished in 3 years!!

In 2010 alone my measurements are significantly down. My thigh went from 27 to 23 inches, my arm went from 15.5 to 11.5 inches, my waist went from 49 to 36 inches, and my hips went from 54.25 to 46 inches.

Here's to 2011 and reaching my final goal. I have 52 lbs to go and i'm dedicated and determined. I have an annual membership to BDHQ now and am committed to being there at least 5 days each and every week.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Survived!

Sorry i've been slightly absent from writing, things have been super hectic getting through Chrismas but I made it through okay.

December 23rd was our last Biggest Winners class for my second session. I ended up losing 12 lbs and 16.5 inches in the 12 weeks. I was disappointed in my weight loss number being only 12 lbs but when I look at the inches that just makes it all better. In the first session I lost 18 inches and 24 lbs, this session I lost almost the same amount of inches but only 1/2 the pounds. I am oh so close to seeing that #1 on the scale. Once I get there I don't even know how i'll feel because I've never been there as an adult or even a teenager from what I can remember.

Christmas dinner at Dad's wasn't very healthy, one of those cook with alot of butter dinners, but it was yummy. On Boxing Day, my birthday, we went to my Mom's and she made a meal totally out of Tosca's cookbook, plus some of her own stuff but all clean!! I stayed away from the junk and just made sure to get my workouts in every day. I definitely didn't lose weight, but I came out okay, pretty much the same as what I went in as.

This Christmas was drastically different than last one was, I remember last year it was a free for all with the chocolate and cookies, this year not so much. I did do Christmas baking including biscotti and granola which I gave away. I also made some clean fudge and brought that over for Christmas day. Yes CLEAN FUDGE!! And ill tell you it was some of the best darn stuff i've ever had! Now im not saying this fudge is going to make you lose weight, but it's just not going to make you gain weight like sugary fudge would. The recipe is available on another blog called The Gracious Pantry which has was amazing recipes on it. Basically the fudge is 1 part honey, 1 part coconut oil, 1.5 part cocoa powder and some vanilla/mint extract. Without the extract its just chocolate so you can change it up however you want. This is a must try and definitely a repeat on my part. Also, depending on how many servings you cut them up into they are only about 50 calories each.

Now I must plan my New Years Eve dessert to bring to the party!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sticking to my commitments

A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog post about some steps I was committing to through the holidays. They were:

1. I'll make "clean" holiday baking instead of sugary desserts.
2. I won't drink wine EVERY night
3. I will drink 3 Liters of water every day
4. I will make it to all my workouts
5. I will prepare my meals the night before instead of being in a rush in the morning.

I'm proud to say I've stuck to those, I have been baking ALOT but it has been healthy. Now it's not healthy when you eat 5 of what you made, but I have been brining it to work or packaging it up for gifts so as to not chow down. I really enjoy the baking, just cant enjoy the eating of it as much now. The wine has been cut back to just one night and I can enjoy it and my water has increased to 4L almost every day but at minimum 3L.

Christmas is less than a week away, im sad not to see my nieces, but will see some other family that I haven't seen in awhile. I'm not really concerned about Christmas dinner and not staying on track, I allow myself to have some mashed potatoes but I just done have a huge helping, just a couple spoonfuls. Also, my Mom is doing a buffet for my birthday at her place and she is making EVERYTHING out of the Tosca Reno's Clean Eating Book.

BDHQ put out an amazing 12 Days of Christmas special. Day 11 was 3 months of the Biggest Winners program for $550, thats a savings of $200. Thank you to my Mom for buying that for me, it took a huge financial burden off of me and is allowing me to be focused and dedicated come the next session. I've been stressed about finding the money to pay for more bootcamp even though I know it is imperative that I continue to do it. Day 12 was an annual membership to studio classes for $800 - WOW - I bought that for myself, it means no more Biggest Winners come April 2011, but I can do unlimited studio classes which are still good. At that point it will be important that I create a support network outside of the studio to ensure I am making it to my workouts and being accountable.

BRING ON 2011!!! This is the year I will see the #1 on the scale

Sunday, December 12, 2010

So tired...but still committed

Well I have to say I was even more dedicated and committed than I was last week. 8 classes felt great and rewarding in itself that I was able to accomplish so much. I was totally on track with my food and drank a lot of water. I didn't even cheat and look at the scale this week, I was leaving it all up to 8AM Sunday morning. I lost 2 lbs, but part of me is kind of disappointed in that. I mean 2 lbs is awesome, but it feels like with the effort I put in I should have got at least 3. I'm going to stay positive though and keep going this week, maybe not 8 classes, but at least 5.

Last night was the Columbia Fuels Christmas party at Bear Mountain. It was fun, dancing, food, drinks. I avoided the bread and had only one drink, but I think my downfall for today was that I didn't get enough sleep as a result. We were provided with a free cab ride to and from Bear Mountain by BlueBird cabs. The party was done at midnight, we tried calling Bluebird for literally an hour straight, the phone would either ring and ring or they would answer and hang up. Finally the front desk got through after an hour of trying (both us and the front desk) and they said it would be a 45min-1hr wait. After about 40 mins we went down to the lobby to wait for the cab and found out that 2 mins prior someone had taken the cab we called!! At this point it was like 130AM and I was exhausted and pissed off!! We called BlueBird again and they promised to send another car right away - well that was 20 mins. Needless to say, by the time we got home it was 2:30AM. Poor John had to be up for 5:30AM to get to work, I got a couple more hours of sleep and got up at 7:30 to head to bootcamp. But I was/am exhausted. I could feel it in my workout which was not as productive as I would have liked, but I still went and that's the important thing. Keep on plugging along this week - thats the plan.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Commitment Pays Off

I am very proud of myself for having such a dedicated week. It definitely paid off. 3lbs down, and on the right track. I'll stay on the same schedule for this week I think. I did a kettle bell class this week and will continue on with that, it was nice because it was at 5PM so right after work and that meant I was home and "done" early. This week I will keep on the same schedule.

We had our Peer Support Group dinner last night at the Sticky Wicket, I was good, had a veggie burger (no bun) and soup yummy!! one glass of wine, but that is the only one this week. I shared a piece of baileys cheesecake with 3 other people, so only a few bites and satisfying.

Today's workout was awesome. Myself and a fellow Biggest Winner participant met a huge goal! We ran from the studio to the end of the Songhees in 20 minutes without even stopping!! 10 weeks ago we couldn't make it that far. And definitely not without stopping for a break. So even though the pounds are melting off like they were before, the strength and endurance is increasing. Small changes and achievements like these are what really show that commitment can make the biggest difference. It is validation for all the hard work that I put in to reach my goal. FOCUS... DEDICATION... COMMITMENT..

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Combating the Holiday Season

This is my favorite time of year, with Christmas coming up and family, the holiday season is always a special time. This year my sister, brother and their kids are going to California to see their Mom and Aunt for Christmas. Without the kids here it's not going to feel like Christmas, I guess it's kinda put me in a bit of a rut and not feeling excited as I usually am. But with this cold weather it's made it feel more like the holidays.

Weight loss and holidays don't mix well for the most part, but for this year I want to continue on the right path. I'm still going to allow myself to indulge, an egg nogg late every couple weeks - but not every day! My holiday season commitments for 2010 are:

1. I'll make "clean" holiday baking instead of sugary desserts.
2. I won't drink wine EVERY night
3. I will drink 3 Liters of water every day
4. I will make it to all my workouts
5. I will prepare my meals the night before instead of being in a rush in the morning.

I know if I follow these simple rules that i'll come out on top in the new year.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Motivation comes from you

Yesterday I was reading through my Facebook feed and came across this post from Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser. He says "Motivation has to come from within that part of your soul that truly wants change". How true is that, sometimes I forget that I am ultimately the one that has to motivate me. I can't sit around and wait for someone to motivate me or to get me off the couch, I have to do it for myself and no one else. I remember before I started this journey there would be a constant stream of questions/statements from family such as "why don't you just go to the gym more?" or "you really should lose some weight". But no one ever gave me the tools to do it. I also realize though that it would never happen until I was ready to do it for myself. Just like Bob said you must truly want the change. I do want the change, this is my time and this time it will last forever.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Little Rewards

It's funny how our perspective can change. I used to think scarfing down some Tim Horton's donuts was a treat or having an ice cream but I've learned to change my perspective on rewards. If i'm going to dedicate an hour or two hours to working out, why would I want to waste that on 5 seconds of pleasure? Why not have something that is good for me, that will satisfy me but is also tasty. Gone are the days of white sugar overload.

West Coast Waffles which is on broad street has quickly become my favorite weekend treat. First I must work out though, and rocked a killer Drill class at BDHQ today - though I have pulled a muscle in my kneck cuz it is super super sore. Then it was over for some sugar-free Spelt’n Rolled Oats waffles. Raspberries, Banana, Protein Powder and Yogurt. Now that's a treat. I love that there are more and more businesses recognizing the need for healthy alternatives and West Coast Waffles definitely gets it. Kudos to them for having so many fresh and local options for us. I will definitely be a repeat customer!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Strength and Courage

On this day of rememberance I am grateful for all the men and women who have served or are serving for our country and freedom. We will never forget.

The following was sent to me a long time ago and I kept it because it just says so much. We are all strong and courageous people and it is important to recognize that in ourselves. Weather we are fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan or are fighting our own internal war, finding strength and courage will get lead us to victory in the end.

It takes strength to be certain,It takes courage to have doubts.
It takes strength to fit in,It takes courage to stand out.
It takes strength to share a friend's pain,It takes courage to feel your own pain.
It takes strength to hide your own pain,It takes courage to show it and deal with it.
It takes strength to stand guard,It takes courage to let down your guard.
It takes strength to conquer,It takes courage to surrender.
It takes strength to endure abuses,It takes courage to stop them.
It takes strength to stand alone,It takes courage to lean on a friend.
It takes strength to love,It takes courage to be loved.
It takes strength to survive,It takes courage to live.
May you find strength and courage in everything you do,And may your life be filled with Friendship and Love!
Author Unknown

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Every Day is Day One

Confession time...This week has not been excellent, though it hasn't been the worst either. I fell, I caved into some temptations and was not totally on track. Not that i'm making excuses but the factors that played into it was starting a new job in a new environment, a new routine and still not being 100% okay with my tooth/gum pain. The important thing that I recognize though is that the old me would have said screw it, im going to start again on Monday and just let my small falls keep me back. But why Monday? why do we have to start on Monday? Why can't we start NOW? You fall off the wagon you get back on, stay on the path even if there are some diversions along the way. I'm not angry with myself, i'm proud of myself for being committed to the process and not giving up. I'm proud that I recognize weakness in myself and can move past it.

In bootcamp today Michelle asked us all to make a commitment for the week and be accountable to a buddy. I committed to doing 6 workouts this week. I forgot about the fact that Thursday is a Stat so they won't have regular class schedule, but I'll make it work. It may just mean doing an extra run on my own. But knowing I have to be accountable for this is going to keep me on track.

Every day is day one, every moment is individual and what happened yesterday or five minutes ago does not dictate the rest of my day, the rest of my week or the rest of my month. Move forward, even if it is two steps forward one step back. Keep going and be focused.

"The greatest things ever done on Earth have been done little by little." - William Jennings Bryan

Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm "normal"

All my wisdom teeth are gone!! Finally done, but still healing. It's going to be a few more days yet until i'm fully healed up and good to go full force. But that's the last hurdle. Now I can focus 100% back into working out and reaching my goal. It's just so close I can taste it and i'm not going to stop now. My goal remains to be under 200 lbs by January 1, 2011. That means i'm going to have to lose 10 lbs in November and 10 lbs in December. Big goal but if I focus I can do it.

My plan...
1. Starting next week work out 6 days per week (once i'm fully healed)
2. One liter of water in the morning, 1-2 liters while at work and 1 liter in the evening
3. No eating 2 hours before bed
4. Focus Focus Focus no cheating

I had a huge success this week though. I weighed in today since I wasn't in class yesterday. My body fat percent is 28% which is down 6% from 5 weeks ago, that's a huge jump. Even bigger news according to a few websites that puts me in the "normal" range for body fat %, not even overweight, "normal".. I am a numbers person so to see that i'm "normal" means so much to me. My BMI which based on my weight is 34.8 still considers me to be obese. That obese word has followed me throughout this whole journey. I think once I can see factually that i'm not obese anymore that will be a huge milestone for me. I've lost 138 lbs and I'm still obese according to my BMI. But they are all numbers and they don't tell the whole story. I know I am healthy and active and will get there eventually.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Celebrating Success

Well i'm back from our trip to Texas. Everything's big in Texas for sure. I was pretty scared going on this trip as I would be totally out of my element and little control over my meals since they are all provided by the conference apart from dinner. I was delighted to see that they offered a great breakfast selection that was not just muffins and coffee. There was actually eggs and fruit. I was able to choose the foods that were healthy and just avoided the breads and the deep fried foods and the desserts. It definitely wasn't easy seeing all that food and avoiding it but I did it and I am proud of myself for it.

I did go down there with a huge intention of working out every day but that just did not happen. It took me almost four days to recover from our 29 hours travel extravaganza. 9 hours of delays in the Victoria airport and 9 hours in the Seattle airport. I don't wish to relive that. I did utilize my time in Seattle to run the stairs at the airport, got a nice shine on but really what else am I going to do for 9 hours?

I'm happy to be back in my bootcamp routine though, well until Friday at least and then it's time to get the rest of my wisdom teeth out... not looking forward to that. Once that is done and over with I will be able to focus 100% back into working out 6 days per week..

Today I had an amazing meeting with a life coach who asked to interview me about my weight loss journey. It's a big awakening to re-live the past 2.5 years and vocalize how I got here. It really made me step back and look at myself and say WOW look at what you've done. That is still my hardest part is recognizing my successes but i'm getting better at it. This whole journey is really about self discovery and learning about who I am. It is not just a physical journey but a mental and emotional journey as well. All these elements must work together in harmony to bring you success.

My focus now is to remember to celebrate, remember to be proud of myself and remember all that I have accomplished.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My new LuLu's

I'm feeling much better this week. My mouth isn't as sore and it seems like i've avoided getting dry socket. I'm back on my game!

Friday was our work night out to say goodbye to those of us transitioning to CRA. It was a fun night and nice to see so many people out. It was also a little sad knowing i'm going to have to leave these great group of people. I'm so happy that i'm going with some friends, but sad i'm leaving some behind. It's been a pretty long and frustrating process ever since we found out about HST, but it's all finally coming to an end and i'm ready for a new beginning and a new career path at CRA. I have to admit though i'm pretty scared though..It takes me a long time to get comfortable with people and build relationships and I've finally done that where I am now.. But I'll embrace this challenge just like I do everything in life and strive for my best.

Saturday it was BDHQ's customer appreciation event which was an outdoor Songhees workout and then a sale at the new Pen Run store on Yates. Funds are a bit tight right now with our upcoming trip so no new shoes for me at Pen Run, but we did go to Sports Check and got the buy one get one 50% off sale so both John and I could get shoes.

Today was Biggest Winners, weigh in and goal setting. I'm down a few more pounds and also more body fat which is awesome! My goal for this session is to lose 26 lbs, that will make me < 200 lbs which is a huge goal for me. My prize for winning the last session was a pair of lulu capri's & a tank. I went shopping with Michelle after boot camp today and found a really cute outfit that i'm excited about so I have some new workout clothes which I definitely needed! What i'm even more excited about is the fact that I can actually wear them and feel good about it. I can go shopping with my friends now and "normal" stores and not be intimidated or embarrassed. I couldn't even do that in high school!

Tuesday AM we leave for Texas for World Burn. I'm excited but also slightly nervous because i'm going to be outside of my routine. I'm brining my workout stuff with me and my plan is to get up and workout every day. There is a pool there that appears to be longer for lengths so even if it too hot to run at least I can get some swimming in. Unfortunately I will have limited control over the food that is served so I will have to be extremely careful what I put in my body. we'll go to Wall Mart once we get there and pick up some healthy snack foods (ie. fruit/nuts/oatmeal for the room). All I can do is stay focused when i'm there and not get off track.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.”

Monday, October 11, 2010

It's a lifestyle not a diet

I get asked all the time how my "diet" is going, or how long do I plan on sticking to this "diet". My response, I'm not on a diet. I have changed my lifestyle and am living a healthy, non destructive life that I will continue with forever.

If you think of a diet it is something you will do until you reach your goal, but then once you're at your goal what happens? You go right back into the same patterns that got you to that undesirable weight. Clean eating is the only lifestyle change that I have made since starting my weight loss journey in 2008 that I can honestly say I can sustain for the rest of my life. It surprises me when people don't see it the same way, but I have to remind myself that i'm not here to change anyones perceptions on food/life. I am on my own journey and if they want to join me then I am more than willing to give any information I can but I will not stop my progress just to wait for someone else.

I can honestly say that for the most part those cravings are gone and the emotional urges to use food as a crutch have subsided. They are still there, and I think they always be, but I have learned tools to work around it. Working out has replaced gorging on food for me. If i'm so stressed out I can go for a walk and cool my head.

I'm definitely not perfect in my clean eating lifestyle, I still fall sometimes, I still eat things that aren't necessarily considered "clean" but I know how to stop myself and get back on track. I know not to beat myself up for it and to move on. I'm not really sure where this shift in my mentality came, but I guess practice makes perfect and I never ever ever want to be that person I was before this journey.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A detour in my workouts

Well I thought I was back full force into the workouts but then that got interrupted. I am embarrassed to say I haven't been looking after myself or making myself a priority for a long time. Taking back control of my health and fitness was step one but there are other aspects of my health that I had been ignoring. I had not gone to the dentist in a number of years because I was terrified of what I would have to do. I knew they were going to tell me I had to get my wisdom teeth out and that totally freaks me out so I just avoided it. Well lets just say I decided it was time to stop procrastinating and that I am in control of my life and that I need to make myself a priority. I went to the dentist and yes they did tell me I have to get my wisdom teeth out. I also had to get 3 fillings. The plan was to go one day for the fillings and then another for all four wisdom teeth. On Friday when I went for the fillings they suggested I get one of the teeth pulled as they had already froze me. I said sure and went along with it. Anyway, my body did not react too well to the freezing so its probably best I did get that one tooth out since I wont have to get freezing on that side again. But it has kinda kept me house bound for the last couple of days since every time I try to get up and do something I feel like i'm going to pass out. I'm going stir crazy!!! I've also been advised to avoid strenuous exercise for a few days to let my gums heal which meant no bootcamp for me this morning :(. I really did miss going and wished I could have been there but i'll be back on Wednesday for sure. My body isn't used to being so stationary for a long period of time so here's hoping that everything heals okay in my mouth and I can get back full force. Well at least for a week and then it's on to Texas where I will have to be super focused because I will have to do it on my own for a week!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The start of a new 12 week commitment

Never could I have expected when I started Biggest Winners that I would have succeeded. I have a hard time believing in myself, even though I prove to myself every day that I am conquering. I'm not sure why it is so difficult to think positively about my accomplishments. Maybe it's a fear that if I really accept that i'm doing this that I will fail. I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm going to succeed. Every day is a fresh day, every day is a Day One! Regardless if I mess up yesterday I can make it successful today. This card from my fellow Biggest Winners is amazing. I feel so supported with these amazing women who inspire me daily to continue. When I think about sleeping in, instead of waking up for bootcamp, I remind myself of all of them. You ladies are what keep me going and thank you right back at you.

Today was day one of the new Biggest Winners session, there are some returning faces and some new ones. I'm so excited to push myself to limits i've never pushed myself to before. Today we did fitness tests. Part of the fitness test was to run as far as we could for 20 mins on the songhees, get a marker and run back. we will do the same test again in 12 weeks. I got all the way to the tennis courts which I was surprised with. I also pushed myself super hard to keep running and not stop. On my 20 min run back to the studio I only stopped 4 times to walk, and on the walk break I only stopped for 20 seconds. I tell you I could not have done this 12 weeks ago! I will keep running and keep running and keep running.

On another note - I bought 2 size 14 jeans yesterday for my "goal" pants. At the beginning of last session I was wearing an 18/20. In the middle, I bought a 16 and it was tight but it fit. I couldn't fit into one of the 14's - it buttoned up but did not zip up. The other one I could actually put on and zip up and button up!!! So awesome! I honestly cannot tell you the last time I was a 14, maybe grade 8? Given, they are tight but I know by the end of another 12 weeks I'm going to be in those 14s with no problem.

“The principle is competing against yourself. It’s about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before.”

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The end of a 12 week commitment

Did I really do all of this in 12 weeks? It felt like yesterday I was frustrated with my lack of momentum and wanting to give up. Now I sit here today motivated beyond belief and totally believe that I CAN do this again.

This past weekend I went away to the Okanagan so unfortunately I missed the final wind down party. I did get a lovely call though from my Biggest Winners to let me know that ME.. yes ME... lost the most weight. Seriously - I didn't think this was possible after a year of plateauing but it is. I am so much closer to seeing that 1 on the scale its unbelievable. In 12 weeks I lost 24 lbs and 18.5 inches. I can truthfully say I am wearing a size 16 now, I fit in pants that aren't even stretchy. That is a huge accomplishment for me.

When I went away for the weekend I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to stay on track, I was scared that I was going to fall off the wagon. But it was so much easier than I though. I didn't feel deprived turning down the cupcakes or the chips. I just made good choices and felt good about it.

The next 12 week session starts October 3rd and my goal for this session is to see that 1 on the scale. I am going to have to work twice as hard as the last time to make this happen but I am prepared to do it.

Thank you to BDHQ and all my bootcampers, friends and family for your support.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

This is where i'm at now...

Let's just say these past two weeks have felt like a total blur. I have been working out pretty much every day with the exception of yesterday which was Chantel's wedding. My body is just kinda on automatic mode now, it's just get up, work, work out, sleep. But really I think that's what I need right now, just be in the zone, be totally committed to my journey. I feel like I am, I definitely wasn't 100% committed yesterday and I felt it all day and this morning but I knew that it would be like that. It was a go go go day yesterday with the wedding and getting ready and photos, but I could definitely tell the effect on my body with not eating every 3 hours and not getting enough protein and water. Today i'm refocused though, got my workout in and so glad that I went even though I physically was exhausted and definitely didn't do as much as I normally could. But you definitely feel good and rewarded after completing it... I know even though i really needed the sleep that I would not have felt as good as I do now. Push Push Push that's all I can do.

We are coming into the last week of the Biggest Winners program. I am signing up again and will do another 12 week set because it is so necessary in meeting my goal. Unfortunately i'm going to miss the wrap up and final workout/weigh in next weekend since i'll be away in the Okanagan :(. I even was trying to cut my holiday short so I could attend this but it just didn't happen with the flight schedule. Michelle has graciously offered to do my weigh in and measurements and a training session on Thursday morning though so I can still see my progress. I honestly cannot thank her enough and BDHQ for everything they have done for me. Without their support I think I would still be stuck in a rut and working out, but not losing weight. I cannot say enough good about them and the business they do.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Living the Mantra - Your Outlook

"Your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself."

In toastmasters today we talked about things that scare us, weather that is losing a loved one, talking in front of a crowd of people or change, the bottom line is it all really comes back to you. The one thing that scares each of us the most is often ourselves. I have an internal battle in my head which tells me that I can't do this, that I won't succeed and always second guessing. I have to constantly use positive self talk to remind myself how far I’ve come and that I've proven time and time again that I really can do this. The LuLuLemon Mantra is so right - your outlook on life is absolutely a reflection on how much you like yourself. Some days it is a struggle to just get myself out of bed and to face the day. Some days I will be honest, I really don't like myself, I hate the way I look, I just can't seem to find the right thing to wear. But I bring myself back to the mantra and I have it up in my bedroom for that very reason. I read it and read it again until I have reminded myself that I am blessed and that things will not change unless I make the change. I can't lose momentum now and must continue on.
The hardest thing for me is the second guessing. I am finally at a point in my life where I feel like I have an amazing group of friends who care for me, but sometimes I feel like i’m an outcast – but logically I know that is just me, that is me being negative and not being confident. This is for me to work on and move past.
This journey is honestly not just about changing me on the outside but changing me on the inside to and it’s a tough struggle. All I can do is live each day and know that I can only go up from here!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Living the Mantra - Goals

"Write down your short and long-term GOALS four times a year. Two personal, two business and two health goals for the next 1, 5 and 10 years. Goal setting triggers your subconscious computer."

1 year personal goals
-be in control of our finances
-stop second guessing myself

1 year business goals
-focus on learning and growing in my new upcoming position
-organize the business books

1 year health goals
-be under 200 lbs
-complete a half marathon

5 year personal goals
-start a family
-buy a house

5 year business goals
-go back to school to obtain a business degree
-be satisfied with my career progress

5 year health goals
-be in total control of my body/health and at a healthy body weight
-run a full marathon

10 year personal goals
-to be a confident and strong person
-travel to Europe

10 year business goals
-in a management position
-completed my degree

10 year health goals
-maintain a healthy body weight and clean eating principles
-continue to work out 4 times per week

Well this was a lot harder than I thought it would be!! Thinking 10 years ahead is hard - who knows where I will be then there are so many variables to consider. For now I can only focus on the present and continue on this journey. Clean Eating, lots of water, exercising 5-6 days per week.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Living the Mantra

So I haven't been so good with writing as much as I have been. It's in the back of my head that I should, but then I have this internal battle that is like "well why would anyone really want to read this anyway". It's those negative thoughts and self doubt that keep popping up. I realized today though that I need to not worry, i'm not writing this in hopes that everyone reads it, i'm writing it for me and to keep myself focused. If someone wants to join me on that journey they are more than welcome.

Those who know me know that I am a pretty shy person, it's difficult for me to "share" with others. When I started at the branch im in right now I joined Toastmasters. A few months ago I did a "motivational" speech about my weight loss journey. The focus of my speech was my LuLu Lemon waterbottle

This waterbottle is literally the only thing I own from Lululemon - well apart from a poster in my bedroom with the same mantra on it. I do read it all the time and it keeps me motivated. I think it is the perfect thing to keep me focused though and remind me how far i've come. My goal one day is to actually wear some "lulus" but for now living the mantra will have to do.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Today was weigh in day, I have been pretty much on track this week with my food, but didn't get any extra workout days in as I had promised myself. This week for sure I am doing at least one extra class though, I just have to force myself to do it. I lost another 2 lbs this week - yeah - which I’m happy with since I didn't put the extra work in that I should have. We did our waist measurements today and in the lat 7 weeks i've lost 7 inches off my waist!! I just wish I could see it - the number is nice, but I can't see it. When I see myself I see the same person.

I also tried some new recipes. I made chicken nuggets and yam fries - clean eating style - turned out so good, and even better for left overs. I will have to make those again. Also made some chocolate/almond butter protein bars, also good, but kinda fell apart so not sure if I’d make those again.

Today was a big workout, we ran downtown along the water by Spinnakers pub. There is a set up metal stairs that goes up from the trail. 100 stairs up and I went up and down 5 times. I like feeling like I’m getting a good workout in and I definitely felt it today, pretty sore!! Went for a walk later on in the day on the breakwater. One of my absolutely favourite things to do when it's windy in Victoria is walk on the breakwater and it doesn't even feel like I’m working out.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Feeling optimistic

So I’ve been struggling for the last or so with my motivation. It's kind of felt like I’ve gone through the motions but not really had the motivation. Today I think I’ve found it again!

Yesterday I went to the Drill class which was awesome, and then came home to hang out with John since he is recovering from surgery and can't be out of the house. I seriously felt stir crazy at about 4PM, I recognize that the old me would have been happy staying home and vegging, but the new me just wanted to be outside and doing stuff.

This morning we did lower Thetis, and the part I love the most is that we all did it together. Those that could run faster/longer went to a certain point then came back and met the last person, there was no race, it was true team work. I truly feel like I pushed myself harder than I’ve ever pushed myself before and showed myself what I’m capable of. I just had so much energy after. I even came back with Kristine and Gina later in the afternoon and we swam out to the island and back.

I am revved up and ready for a new week with a fresh outlook. I'm going to try some new BDHQ classes on Tuesday/Thursday and see how they go. Spin/TRX/Kettle Bells.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's wrong with my head!!

So I have been lacking in my posting, tsk tsk. I dunno what's wrong with me these days, i'm feeling awfully unmotivated. Part of me is feeling like i'm putting in so much work and effort and I can't see the results. Though everyone around me is telling me I look good and look like i'm losing lots of weight. I should be happy with my progress, but I don't know why I'm being so hard on myself, like its not good enough. K I lost 4 lbs this week and I'm telling myself that's not good enough? I dunno.. i'm trying to snap my head back into positive territory, but it's not happening.

I had some big accomplishments this last week though, we hiked Mt. Finlayson on Thursday - super super hard, took 1:07 to go up, then another hour to go back the other side which was a long hike but I wasn't prepared to go back down the steep way. John is going for surgery on Friday so we may not have a chance to do more hiking for awhile, depending on how long he's recovering for. Guess i'm going to have to get my butt up early and do some extra work outs.

My accomplishment at work was not giving into the tim hortons donuts sitting in the office waiting to be eaten... I avoided temptation, even though every ounce of me wanted to just chow down and numb my feelings of frustration - I didn't.

I need to re-focus, but not sure what to do... Maybe just a good nights sleep will help.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Long Weekend Overview

So overall I’d have to say I was successful in meeting my goals for the weekend. I did well with getting enough water and worked out every day! The one thing I wasn't successful in was sleeping in, LOL

Saturday we got up early for a run. We ran from out house on Bay & Douglas, down Douglas to Dallas Rd and then along the water up towards the inner harbour and then back up Government. In total it was 9K and we did it in a total time of 1:24. We ran/walked 5 K and that took about 39 mins, and then we walked the remaining 4K. I'm pretty proud of myself for running 5K in 39 minutes. We'll have to see how I do on the next run. We also went to Moss St Market on Saturday and got some organic salad greens & tomatoes which we ate for the weekend. We also bought some "awesome sauce" from the market which is basically a really super hot sauce that you could either put on meats or maybe cook with eggs, or whatever you want really. We cooked it with some ground turkey and put it over a tossed salad - very yummy example of some good clean eating!

Sunday was Biggest Winners Day which resulted in a hike up Mt. Work. It took us just under an hour to get up, and a bit longer to get back down. Good workout though, burned about 1100 calories which is awesome!! We're thinking of maybe doing Finlayson on Thursday and see how that goes. Might as well get as much hiking time in as we can while the weather is nice. Sunday night we went out for Diana's birthday to the Local - down in the inner harbour. I'm a bit disappointed in myself for giving into the pressure to order a drink, but what's done is done. I definitely paid for it and felt sick to my stomach after drinking. I think I just need to avoid alcohol all together and not worry about what everyone else is thinking.

Today I went to outdoor bootcamp at McMinn park - by Cordova Bay - that involved 5 sets of hills, not sure if that was better/worse than Mt. Work but again another great workout. Following that was our BBQ at Willows Beach, it was a perfect day for it. Had some yummy chicken burgers and salad, played some Frisbee, soccer and badminton. I did splurge afterwards and had a small Beacon drive in ice cream. mmm mmm mmm - and even better when I have no regrets. Not the best thing for me, but what the hell - I think I deserve it.

Overall AMAZING WEEKEND - I so don't wanna go back to work tomorrow :(.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Long Weekend!!

Today is the start of my 4 day long weekend. Today, my flex day, and then Monday is the Stat. I still had to get up at 5AM though for Biggest Winners. The last few classes we've had have been indoors. Today was another run. We ran from the studio basically down to fisherman’s warf. I find it takes me about 30 mins or so to get into the run and be able to go for a long period of time, so it was a lot of run/walking. What I have to focus on now though is transitioning from the walking back to running faster, so less recovery time. On the way back I kept telling myself I was going to run the whole way. Well I ran from fisherman’s Warf to the inner harbour without stopping and then we did stairs so there was stopping in terms of the run. But I did run all the way back to the studio without stopping after that, that is further than I have ever gone before without stopping. I burned about 700 calories on my hour run - AWESOME!! The running definitely gets me some good cardio, just have to keep practicing.

We weighed in this morning instead of Sunday because we are going to be hiking Mt. Work and will have nowhere to weigh in. So it was realistically only 5 days instead of 7 between weigh ins. But I was down another 0.8 Lbs. I'm happy with that, but was hoping for more, though I know I didn't work out on Tuesday or Thursday so I definitely could have been pushing myself harder than I was. You only get out of it what you put in, so I just have to be more focused.

On a positive note my clean eating books came today, so I will have to spend some time going through them and maybe try some recipes out.

Goal for the long weekend: Workout each day and drink enough water!

"Energy is the essence of life. Every day you decide how you're going to use it by knowing what you want and what it takes to reach that goal, and by maintaining focus"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A true test

So Sunday was my weigh in. I went in with no expectations, which turned out well. I lost 0.6 lbs, which I was honestly expecting. I know I didn't work out as much that week; I had only done 5 days instead of 6. I am happy with that number though because it is going in the right direction - DOWN! After we weigh in we ran from the studio down Government to Dallas road and then another hill workout on Dallas road. I can tell I’m running more and walking less, but still have a ways to go. It's a process though and a journey and I’ll get there.

Last night was a friend's 50th birthday, we went to Japanese Village. One of my ALL TIME favourite restaurants but really nothing I can eat. I checked beforehand if there was any healthy alternatives to their menu and was told I could ask that my meal be prepared in the kitchen instead of on the grill at the table, but only if enough chefs were available. Unfortunately they were too busy to steam my vegetables in the kitchen so my choice was either to eat an appetizer or order the meal and deal with eating veggies grilled in mass amounts of butter. Though I love the veggies and the chicken teriyaki and oh my the rice with steak sauce, I knew I just couldn't do that. I knew that if I did it and I went to face the scale on Sunday that I would have to be accountable for what I did. So I sat there at a table with 23 people and ate my small piece of chicken and watched everyone eat their veggies and meat and rice with steak sauce. That in itself was hard, just to watch it and want it so much, but when I have to field questions about why I'm not eating, it just makes it worse. I know peoples questions are just out of curiosity and that they aren't trying to hurt me, but it was just hard. I almost had to leave the table and walk away, but I didn’t. I stayed strong and I am proud of myself today for doing it. I don't know if I'd be able to do that a month ago.

Some people would say that I could have had - in moderation - some of the veggies and rice. But I know myself; I know that if I had just a little bit I would want more, so I just had to avoid it all together. I just have to keep telling myself to remain focused and determined and the results will follow. One day I know that I will be in a place that I can include these things in moderation, but for now, I must stay strong.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A New Challenge

Bootcamp yesterday morning was good, it was a run day, we went down to the parliament buildings and did some sprints, lunches, push ups on the walkway all while being cheered on by the security guards. I don't know if I was just tired, but I didn't feel like I had as much energy. I didn't eat much beforehand though, so that could have played a roll. We came home after and had a protein shake for breakfast, super yummy chocolate, banana & peanut butter.

Work on Friday proved to be interesting...I met with a business owner, 92 years old, who by the end our meeting had congratulated me on being pregnant. My only response to that was no and her response was "I'm sorry dear, I have a friend with a similar build". I was totally taken aback by her comment. Even when I was 100 lbs heavier I was never told I looked pregnant. And I don't think I do, at least I hope not. But it's still hard to stomach the comment. Granted, she's 92 and probably has no social filter in terms of what she's saying, but words still sting. All I can do is move on and keep traveling on this road I’m on.

This morning I woke up and wasn't sure how the day would play out but it worked out well. I ended up going to the Drill class at BDHQ for the first time. It was a set of about 30 stations and we went through each of them once. I got an awesome sweat on from that class and will definitely try it again. I may have to drag my husband.

Tomorrow is weigh in day so fingers crossed for some good numbers!! I’ve been good and have not peaked at the scale :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Plugging Along

I've been slightly absent from posting, I’ve felt so busy these last few days. Monday boot camp was indoors, we did kind of a mix of bike and tire, I can't say I was especially excited about that workout, but maybe that's because I don’t feel like I pushed myself like I should have. Sometimes you just have those days that you're "blah" and just have to push through it. Wednesday's boot camp was much better, it was still inside, we did a circuit class where you did part intervals on the bikes and then a strength exercise - I really loved the workout. The sense of sweat pouring down your face just makes me feel rewarded for everything I’ve put into it. My personal training sessions at Esquimalt have ended now so I’m just taking a break on Tues/Thurs for right now but I will be back at it full force hopefully in a couple weeks.

After last week’s awesome weigh in, my goal for this week is to either maintain or lose 1 lb, I don't want to set myself up for failure by thinking I’m going to lose 8 lbs again. And I promised myself I wouldn't be disappointed whatever happens, I just have to remember the work I'm putting in and that I am doing this right.

I've been good with sticking with my clean eating, small meals and lots of water and will continue with it. I've ordered the clean eating book "The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged!: Lasting Fat Loss That's Better than Ever!" by Tosca Reno. Apparently it's supposed to be a really good guide and give you some good recipes. I also grabbed a clean eating magazine at Save On Foods the other day and have checked through that. It seems to have some good suggestions which I will have to try.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Conquering Mt Doug

For the last few days I have been super on track with my clean eating plan. I've kind of felt a sense of relief embracing this. I don't need to be so worried about calories, and I feel like I have a lot of options. It's kind of like once I let that calorie counting thought go, it all made sense.

Friday morning we did a run in the Inner Harbour, again a lot of hills, and I pushed myself to the limits. I can tell my running is getting better; I can push myself for longer periods of time which is awesome. I want to be able to just keep the same pace throughout the whole run, that's the next step.

Today was our 2 hour workout and weigh in. I was really nervous going into this morning first because I was scared I hadn't lost any weight again and second because we were hiking Mt Doug!! That I had never done, and to be honest I didn’t think I could do it. Today's weigh in shows me down 8 LBS!! I was like - this thing must be broken, I can't be down that much in 1 week. But I was, I even weighed myself when I got home and it was the same. 241.4 LBS!! This is the lowest I Have been thus far in my journey. That puts me at 118.6 lbs lost to date. I just have to remind myself not to expect this kind of result every week, but to stick with the plan and keep going. 8 LBS puts me almost at my goal for July which is 10 lbs.

Tonight I synched my Body Media device with the computer as I was curious to see how many calories I burned on the hike. 1200 calories in 2 hrs on the hike, and today I have taken just under 22,000 steps!! WOW is all I can say to that. I did do a lot of walking today, Mt. Doug and then also went downtown after, but 22,000 - that's insane!! I am so motivated now, apart from my swollen knee, hoping that is better for tomorrow.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Learning to embrace change

I have to say I'm very proud of how far I've come. I've been very focused these last few days on following the clean eating principles. Today I was off work and generally that is difficult for me to be on track. I find it so much easier to be on schedule when I’m at work, as opposed to my weekends. I carried my water bottle all day and got in my 3 litres.

My food for today is as follows:
Breakfast - protein bar
Lunch - Tossed salad w/chicken and avocado
PM Snack - Banana and almonds
Dinner - Tossed salad w/avocado and nuts and 1 cup of cottage cheese

It's kind of nice to not have to be overly concerned with calories, just making sure that I’m doing 5-6 meals per day and including the carbs, fats and proteins.

Today we did some shopping and re-stocking of our kitchen. Braved the new Wall Mart - wow that is BIG!!! Got some new clothes, since I keep needing new clothes every couple of months - that's a definite plus of losing weight. Then we went out to Costco and grabbed some more Genisoy Protein bars and some chocolate protein powder to make shakes in the morning. Last stop was Glenwood Meats to restock our freezer with some good proteins. The thing I really like about Glenwood is that you can get them to package your meats however you want. So if you want 4 lbs of ground turkey - they will package it in 1 lb bags. That is a huge reason why I will go there for my meat shopping.

Focus is now on the next three days and staying focused with the "plan". Tomorrow morning is 6AM Boot camp - now I really feel dedicated considering I don't even have to work tomorrow... BRING IT ON! :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Cardio

Today was our last personal training session with Mindy at Esquimalt Rec :(... Thursday will be the last one all together. I'm definitely glad I did it, learned a lot and got some new workouts out of it. I've decided that I have to seriously up my cardio though because if I’m doing this much strength training it could be why I didn't lose any weight last weigh in. I'm thinking maybe doing like a 30 min run in the morning before work on the days that I workout in the evening. We'll see how this week goes and if my weigh in is better.

I've been following the clean eating principles for the last 2 days. My food for today is as follows:
Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with red/green peppers and onions, one piece of toast
AM Snack: Protein Bar
Lunch: Spinach salad with tuna
PM Snack: Raspberries and almonds
Dinner: individual veggie pizza, no cheese, extra veggies, garden salad with vinaigrette
Water Consumption: 4 L

I'm going to try and pick up the Clean Eating book from Costco and look at it more in depth and become a bit more knowledgeable about what foods work together.

Monday, July 12, 2010

It's SIMPLE but not EASY

Weight Loss that is.. The concept is pretty straight forward, eat healthy & exercise - but its deffinitly not easy. The following is taken from an article on Spark People and I think it's very good advice to follow. It may not be realistic to change everything overnight but by taking small steps you can make positive changes in your life.

1. Your Attitude. you have to change your way of thinking from a negative to a positive way of thinking. You have to know what you want and you can't let anything sway your thinking
2. Your Workouts. It is possible to lose weight without exercise but if you start and stick to a routine you'll soon be enjoying the fruits of your labor... and getting compliments as an added bonus!
3. Your Eating. By replacing unhealthy foods with good, nutritious foods you're on the right track to weight loss success!you may have to
•Keep a food journal
•Spend more time in the grocery store reading food labels
•Spend more time preparing meals
•Saying no to extra portions
•Making conscious choices about what you put in your mouth
You need to do what is required to keep you on the path of Knowledge and not stray from your new lifestyle!
4. Your Lifestyle. If you want a healthy life, you have to be willing to change how you live. It doesn't mean changing everything overnight, but simply being open to new ways of doing things.
less sweets, less desserts, smaller portions, smaller plates, starting or continuing a workout schedule...
5. Your Surroundings. When you're at home do you have instant comfort foods at hand... donuts, candy bars, pop, chips, cake, pastries etc... If you do these things are contributing to your problems. Try to reduce or eliminate problem foods around your environment
6. Your Support System. If a family member or co-worker is always offering you donuts, candy, another helping of this and that, it's time to talk to the and explain what you're doing and to get them help rather than hinder your progress
7. Your Spiritual and Mental Health. It's time to take care of yourself both spiritually and mentally. the past hurts but if you truly want to be free, you'll be wanting to lose the "extra Baggage you're carrying around and start to live once more.
8. Your Goals. If you truly want to get ahead, you'll need to make some attainable goals. small goals, and then work on them one step at a time! It's easier than you think. Just break down those huge goals into smaller goals. example: I want to lose 100 pounds! Break it down into 10 smaller goals 10 pounds at a time and work on them individually...
9. Your Flexibility. if you need to keep a rigid schedule maybe it's time to make the schedule flexible. If I can't work out at 8 in the morning, perhaps after work I can fit it in. Learn to be flexible
10. Your Willingness to Fail. you know that some days will not be perfect and that if by some chance you can't complete you're daily routine... nutritionally, mentally or physically, be prepared to accept the fact that you weren't perfect and start out fresh the day after. Never ever ever give up on yourself. If you had a problem the day before... you're life must go on... and you must start out fresh... then and only then will you be able to move forward.

Always remember... You're worth it! and You can do it!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Biggest Winner - Day 4

I woke up this morning - 6AM - to what I thought had been such an awesome weekend, I was focused, I stayed on track with my eating and my calories, I drank my water, I did alot of walking. Then I got to bootcamp and my weigh in and found out I apparently gained 1/2 a pound. I literally felt like just walking away and inside I was fighting so hard to not break down. I mean 1/2 a pound doesn't sound like alot, but when I put so much effort and focus into this week and I see no results it is beyond frustrating. Sometimes it is so hard not to walk away, but I have to remind myself that I have to keep going and that I know I am doing this the right way.

Our workout was pretty similar to the days before, a run, lunges, squats, push ups, tricep dips.. I was impressed at how far I could run without stopping. We ran along Dallas Rd. and it was a beautiful day for it. I deffinitly got alot of sun though, next time i'll need to make sure I put sunscrean on though.

After the workout we came back to the life coach's house for a workshop. Basically they took us through how the Biggest Winner works, what the guidlines are and how they can support you. I am all on board for the workouts which is basically 6 days a week (4 with the group and 2 on your own), im also good with the water consumption which is 3 litres per day. My issue is the food, I need to figure out what works for my body.

Biggest Winner wants you to follow Clean Eating principles. Basically what that is is 5-6 small meals per day. In each meal you want to include a protien, good fat and carb. So for example a salad with tuna & light mayo on top or oatmeal with fruit and cinnamon. It does take alot of focus, for sure, but I think I need to embrace this because obviously the way I am doing this is not working. They also say they don't want us to count calories. Just do the 5-6 small means and make sure you include the essentials. Cut out sugars, white flour and processed foods. You can replace sugar with natural sweetners such as honey. I realize this isn't going to happen for me overnight but like I said I am going to try and embrace this. I will still keep track of my food, but not from a calorie standpoint, more from a "knowing what I put in my body" standpoint. I'll see how it works.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekend Time

Food Journal - July 9

It's finally here!! After a long few days of being focused - it's my weekend.

Friday was my first Bootcamp AM class, that is since I was doing my previous bootcamp which was all mornings. It's deffinitly easier when you do mornings all week instead of just once a week. It was another running day but it was nice since it was 6am it wasnt as hot as Wednesday. We ran from the studio (on lower Johnston) down to the causeway in the inner harbour. The trainer brought all the equipment down in the car and set up stations directly in the harbour for push ups, step ups, sit ups, pull ups, cone runs. We also did some sprints from one end to the other. I don't think i've sprinted since I was in maybe grade 10 - but it was a good feeling to know I could do it. I now just need to learn how to keep my breating under control so I can run for a sustianed amount of time.

Last night we went to a BBQ at a friends place. Munchies - those are the killers. I made sure to sit away from the chips, I did have some whole wheat tortilla chips with guacamole later on, but still was within what calories I should have eaten for that day. I was driving so no alcohol calories for me.

Now my focus for the rest of the weekend is to stay really focused with my food and water consumption. I'll be going to the Organic Islands Festival later today and checking out what that has to offer.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Eat Shrink and Be Merry

Food Journal - July 8
Water Consumption = 4 litres

Tonight was personal training with Jada at Esquimalt Rec. Every time it's different which is awesome, by the end of our PT sessions, which is next week, we hope to have a program we can work on together in the gym and/or outside. Alot of circuts tonight, and again very hot! I can feel every muscle in my body burning right now - but a huge sense of satisfaction.

Dinner tonight was - what can I find in my fridge. One really awesome burger i've found is from the Eat Shrink and Be Merry series. I found it at costco about a month ago.

Chicken burgers with fire roasted veggies - mmm mmm mmm - love them!! I had two burgers, but only one bun and put a small amount of guacamole on the bun, with a salad my meal was 853 calories, a little bit over what should be in one meal but that is it for the night. I'm drinking lost of water now.

Tomorrow is up early!! 6AM Friday bootcamp, but it's going to be the end of the week and nothing on Friday night.

“There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.”

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Biggest Winner - Day 2

Food Journal - July 7
Water Consumption = 4 litres

Well the weather finally changed to summer here in Victoria - pretty much overnight. 30 degrees!! All I can say is WOW - not complaining at all, but definitely made for an exhausting workout. I literally drank 2 litres of water within my workout which included a 15 minute walk to class, an hour class and a 15 minute walk home.

We didn't stay at the location today; they took us on a run. At first I was slightly intimidated as I am NOT a runner by any means, but I proved a lot to myself tonight. I wasn’t at the front of the pack, but I also wasn’t at the back, this for me is a huge accomplishment as I know when I started this journey 2 years ago I would be the last one. We ran over Johnson Street Bridge onto the trail. Then used some stairs to sprint up and down and lunges. I pretty much felt like I was going to throw up - but I’m thinking that is probably a good thing. By the time I got back to the studio I was definitely spent!!! At the time it feels like you can't make it but you just really have to push yourself through the pain into that "impossible zone". Looking forward to seeing what Friday morning brings. On to Personal Training tomorrow :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Who is standing in your way?

Food Journal - July 6

Today was our personal training class at Esquimalt Rec, another excellent session with my workout buddies :). We focused alot on upper body and I can deffinitly feel it in my arms and sholders. Mixed in to our strength training was cardio spurts which were our choice of skipping or jumping jacks. As kids we could skip for hours on end and never get tired, i'll tell you it's not the same as an adult - that's for sure! I belive that I pushed myself past a level that I wasn't used to with the weights. I was using heavier weights than I was used to and pushed through the pain instead of allowing it to stop me.

It would be easy for me to sit here and blame people and situations that made me this way, but I don't. There is no point in dwelling in the past mistakes, I know you can really only move forward and not change what happened yesterday. It's really only me myself and I that is stopping me from the success that I want. I know that logically but sometimes there is this voice inside that just is so self sabotoging. Tonight was movie night - I got the pop and the popcorn (no butter) - but the difference was instead of downing the whole cup of pop and bag of popcorn, I ate 1/2 the popcorn and had about 1/3 of the pop. I stopped! that for me is a huge success, the old me would have just ate it all. It was an internal struggle to put it down and just STOP.

"Something we were withholding made us weak, until we found it was ourselves."

- Robert Frost

Monday, July 5, 2010

Biggest Winner - Day 1

Food Journal - July 5
Starting Weight (Boot Camp Day 1): 248.6 lbs

Tonight was the first day of "Biggest Winner" Bootcamp at Body HQ. I am so happy with my choice to change from Aura. The staff here all seem so excited to help you and are there to support you, its not just about the workout. I have to stay focused and determined, but knowing that I have a group of people to share this journey with will help me so much. We used tires as part of our workout which was totally different than anything i've ever done before. We also did some fitness assesments which we will do again to see how far we've come. I really like the fact that there is so much variety to the workouts, you don't know what to expect.

I've also been wearing my Body Media device consistenly which has shown me that I really wasnt eating enough. On a day where I do minimal exercise i'm burning about 2500 calories which means I need to eat at minum 1500 calories. on high intensity days i'm burning upwards of 3500 calories so I have to seriously up my calories to at least 2000. I could deffinitly find ways to "spend" 2000 calories, but I have to make sure its healthy food. It's just changing my mentality to eat more, really not as easy as you think it would be. It's going to be a matter of adding more complex carbs.

Sometimes I wish I could be one of those people who could eat whatever they want and it doesn't matter, ok let's be honest, I wish that all the time - but i'm not and never will. I just had to come to the realization that being careful about what I put in my body will always be my reality.